• 1973


    Amptown Electroacoustic founded

  • 1978


    Amptown Lichttechnik founded

  • 1990


    Amptown Sound & Communication founded

  • 2001


    ASC Berlin set up in the old and new capital, Berlin

  • 2008


    Amptown Sound & Communication becomes Amptown System Company, or ASC for short

  • 2013


    Amptown Lichttechnik merges with Amptown System Company

  • 2014


    Foundation of ASC Frankfurt

  • 2015


    Foundation of ASC Stuttgart


Amptown System Company – people, decision-makers, and media technicians

It all began with Rock ’n’ Roll

The founders of ASC, Peter Matthes and Ulrich Müller, were firmly rooted in the Rock ’n’ Roll business in the 1970s. It was their passion for music and technology that inspired them to evolve from technical musical-makers to system suppliers. When privately owned venues boomed in the 1980s, a close collaboration developed between them and theater and musical halls. The highlights: Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Starlight Express, Dance of the Vampires, The Lion King, Manitou’s Shoe, Tarzan, and Rocky. Ever since then the ASC team has been closely involved in every aspect of stage equipment. ASC staff installed modern solutions for sound, lighting, and stage set-ups, along with the monitoring and communication systems that go with them.

But it wasn’t just musicals. Demanding installations for opera houses, theaters (including cabaret), and playhouses followed, such as Berlin’s Friedrichstadtpalast and the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg. Floating stages and entertainment areas on cruise ships completed this field of expertise.

The creation of an image

With their newfound reputation and network of architects, planners, and technical department directors, ASC developed products and services for an increasing number of new business areas throughout the 1990s. The company installed and implemented concepts requiring sophisticated, networked media equipment, such as the Congress Centrum Hamburg, one of their first customers in the field. This was followed by high-profile projects such as pavilions belonging to Bertelsmann and Siemens at Expo 2000 in Hannover. ASC also went on to integrate system solutions in conference and seminar centers for corporate project clients like Olsen, EDEKA, Hawesko, and Salzgitter AG.

The Berlin branch of ASC was set up in 2001. This was in response to the relocation of Germany’s government and its ministries. It was also a flexible response to orders that were emerging in and around Berlin; the public sector offered much potential with its technical installations. This expansion led to changes in ASC’s internal structures. The original team had consisted exclusively of sound specialists, but they were now joined by new staff from imaging, as well as video and communication technology.

ASC received the ultimate accolade in the events area when it was appointed to equip the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, and Turin in 2006. They prevailed against global bidders with a sound concept for 55 sports venues for the Olympic Village, and for live broadcasting on TV and radio. Suddenly ASC was at the center of public interest. These projects also acted as multipliers, attracting new clients and follow-up projects for stadiums and competitions such as the annual CHIO World Equestrian Festival in Aachen.

Edutainment – learning and amusement

ASC worked itself up to the top league of system integration partners in academia as well as the world of sports. Schools and universities rely on ASC’s professional solutions to present their teaching content clearly and comprehensively.

Focusing on movies

ASC’s most recent area of activity is called Digital Cinema. The recent digitalization of movies has brought with it the equipping of movie theaters with the latest digital projection equipment. This equipment is networked using a theater management system. ASC’s staff assist cinema clients from the planning stage all the way through to the installation of D-Cinema, installing modern, pioneering sound systems and offering a comprehensive after-sales service – including training and much more besides.

Innovative business development

As well as expanding into new areas of business, ASC has moved forward in its location policy. At the beginning of 2014, to add to Hamburg and Berlin, the company opened in Frankfurt, serving technical planners and new groups of clients in Hessen, Baden-Württemberg, and Bavaria.

Originally an autonomous sister company, Amptown Lichttechnik merged with the Amptown System Company in summer 2013 in a further confirmation of the company’s philosophy of "Everything from a single source". From that point on, ASC began to serve the trade, project, and service areas of lighting. The creativity for which Amptown Lichttechnik had been known can now be found in the Manufactory business area, which designs and manufactures high-end lighting installations as well as exclusive niche products in response to individual customer requests.

ASC has prepared itself for the future, and has evolved into a system supplier covering a broad portfolio of services in the market with its business areas of Entertainment, Maritime Projects, Digital Cinema, Edutainment & Infotainment, Corporate Projects, Hotel, Events & Catering, and Service, and its Manufactory. Clients who entrust their projects to ASC can expect a partner who listens, and who implements system solutions with great commitment. We love technology, and we respond to client requirements with forward-looking solutions which are both intelligent and sustainable.

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