Edutainment & Infotainment
Edutainment & Infotainment

The universe of media equipment:

How to make learning and information entertaining

Get the know-how: ASC supplies, installs, and integrates media system solutions for museums, exhibitions, and upmarket facilities such as shopping malls, flagship stores, retail outlets, auditoriums, lecture theaters, schools, churches, and so on.

This is equipment which should be seen as little as possible or not at all, and which has to subsume itself beneath architectural considerations.

Media equipment can combine with acoustic and visual messaging to create unique worlds of experience. When media are combined, they can inform people interactively and entertain them as well.

The challenge which we love to get to grips with is to install highly complex system solutions incorporating sophisticated control systems that help you to convey concepts and interrelationships in a way which is easy to understand. Functionality, craftsmanship, and efficiency are the top priorities behind systems which to the public can seem so simple.

ASC works together with planners, designers, architects, and project organizers. As well as technical expertise, this requires a degree of vision to integrate media equipment into architectural concepts. These two worlds do not always entirely coincide; important aspects of this include the protection of monuments and converting buildings to different purposes.

We transform our clients’ project requirements into practical solutions which are integrated and sustainable.

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Our reference installations

in the Edutainment & Infotainment area

  • case-study_slider_elbpavillion_10.jpg

    Elbphilharmonie Pavilion

    Elbphilharmonie Pavilion, Installation of sound and video equipment

  • case-study_slider_juedisches-museum_08.jpg

    Jewish Museum Berlin

    The Jewish Museum Berlin, integration of sound and media technology

  • case-study_slider_waelderhaus_08.jpg

    Hamburg Forest House (Wälderhaus Hamburg)

    Wälderhaus Hamburg – Multifunctional building with exhibition, hotel and catering

  • case-study_slider_klimahaus_11.jpg

    Klimahaus® 8° Ost in Bremerhaven

    Comprehensive system technology for Klimahaus® 8° Ost in Bremerhaven (2009)

  • case-study_slider_tu-clausthal_08.jpg

    Clausthal Technical University (TU Clausthal)

    Remodeling the multimedia lecture hall at TU Clausthal (2008)

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