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Dream cruises are part of the plan for all vacationers who want to see a whole lot of the world in a very short time. With its media technology installations, ASC ensures that there is also plenty of inspiration in terms of “seeing, hearing, and experiencing” on board.

Together with the designers and engineers at the shipyard and shipping company, we develop new ship constructions that set new standards for the entertainment sector through the combination of technical expertise and innovative technologies. “Cruise into the future of entertainment” is the motto of the maritime system specialists when it comes to the technical implementation of entertainment spaces. The associated know-how has been developed and expanded upon in detail in numerous example applications on land. Appropriate integration of professional media technology on cruise ships requires a long tradition of grappling with the special conditions on board in order to put together a successful system solution. This results in event and stage areas that even match up to the familiar professional surroundings of prominent artists and global stars. The presentation of a Broadway show or live event with a guest star is part of the planning, and all the needs and wishes of artists and spectators are met by the technology installed on board. The ASC technology specialists work together hand in hand with the designers and creatives to achieve this.

With this in mind, ASC not only employs installation technicians, but also professional light and sound designers, as well as media control experts. This is part of a holistic approach – ASC employees look beyond their own technical universe and understand what happens on the stage, what the engineers need in terms of light and sound mixing desks, and what the public wants.

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Our reference installations

  • case-study_slider_aida_09.jpg


    Sound, lighting and media technology for AIDAluna.

  • case-study_slider_aida-entertainmenthaus_12.jpg

    AIDA Entertainment House

    Training center for rehearsal on shore: highly professional ASC media technology for development of new entertainment formats and perfection of existing shows on AIDA cruise ships.

  • Unterwasser_slide2_2014-12-01_03.jpg

    Quantum / Anthem of the Seas

    In the 270°, innovative projection equipment allows guests to enjoy the daily panoramic view over the ocean, as well as fabulous scenery after the sun goes down.

  • Moment_Factory_Royal_Caribbean_Vistarama-3_04.jpg

    Quantum / Anthem of the Seas

    Vistarama is located on Two70°’s window front, an innovation specially designed for the Quantum class.

  • Moment_Factory_Royal_Caribbean_Vistarama_03.jpg

    Quantum / Anthem of the Seas

    Vistarama turns the floor-to-ceiling windows into various scenarios, using 18 projectors to produce a 30-meter wide and over 6-meter high setting.

  • Dschungel_slide3_2014-12-01_03.jpg

    Quantum / Anthem of the Seas

    Professional equipment in the field of sound, lighting, projection, and control guarantees that every show is unique and overwhelming.

  • Roboscreens_slide4_2014-12-01_03.jpg

    Quantum / Anthem of the Seas

    Six moving Roboscreens, each with a screen-diagonal of 100” and controlled by agile robotic arms, create scenes, moving individually and turning, or merging to form one large area.

  • Moment_Factory_Royal_Caribbean_Starwater_03.jpg

    Quantum of the Seas

    Images can be managed and distributed to fit the desired scenes and atmosphere, thanks to Pandora’s Box media server and show control software Widget Designer from coolux media systems.

  • North-Star-II_slide_09.jpg

    The North Star

    Installed on the upper deck at the bow of the ship, the North Star begins its 15 minute ride into the open.

  • NorthStar4-slide_08.jpg

    The North Star

    Guests on Quantum Class ships can enjoy a spectacular trip up to 90 m above the surface of the sea in the North Star.

  • North-Star-I_slide_09.jpg

    The North Star

    The illuminated North Star at night at its resting position above the North Star Bar.

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