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Ship chandlers are found in large numbers around the world, but there is only a small market of system specialists who can satisfy the high standards of quality of customers who are accustomed to luxury. In addition to exclusive new ship constructions, ASC is also involved in maintenance and modernization projects, the latter of which are also referred to as “refits.”

“There’s no such thing as no can do!” is the credo when dealing with this exclusive target group and the content of the turnkey business. A mobile dance floor above the pool or a fold-out sun terrace with background sound system are examples of the extras that ship owners in this class allow themselves. The completed yacht is the perfect combination of design, luxury, and power. ASC brings its individual consultation service and expertise in media technology into play for this kind of customization. In-house specialist engineers, programmers, and constructors, as well as highly qualified installation and service staff, take care of the turnkey implementation. In addition, there is also the option of manufacturing individual products that are required for the completion of such projects in our own production facility. Once a yacht has been launched, the technical refinement usually leads to a desire to experience the same level of technological comfort in one’s own home, too.

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Our reference installations

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    Superlative entertainment technology

    Radar technology and modern yacht communication are supplemented by entertainment and communication systems custom-designed by ASC.

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    Superlative entertainment technology

    While the owners are enjoying themselves carefree in the marina, the security checks for all the technical and safety-related systems are taking place on board.

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    Superlative entertainment technology

    Each and every yacht it unique and thrills everyone with elegant design, the finest materials, and breathtaking silhouettes. The big plus is when the owner can blow his/her guests’ minds with top-notch media technology of the finest quality…..You don’t see that every day, and not just on a yacht!

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    Superlative entertainment technology

    Everybody has dreams that they want to fulfill. Looking long-term with the appropriate technology guarantees that the appearance and feel of the ship will remain fine for a long time for you to enjoy.

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    Superlative entertainment technology

    Luxury and class with the label “Made in Germany”. The most private mega-yachts over 60 meters long and astoundingly luxurious interiors are built in Germany.

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