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Your investment deserves long-term protection!

ASC provides high-grade media systems and equipment meeting the respective technical specifications and demands. To ensure that customers will be able to exploit the full potential of our innovative system solutions, these are configured and installed entirely in accordance with the requirements associated with the intended use. This is what we are standing for.

Along these very lines we believe that it is essential to ensure that dependable performance is available not only on a daily but on a long-term basis as well. Our service and maintenance modules are tailored to current requirements and allow for manifold adaptation, too. 

Your benefit!

Security: ASC sees to it that none of the inspection and maintenance dates is missed. The tests are carried out by professionals with the necessary skills and qualifications who will document all of the test and maintenance routines carefully and in a way that cannot be legally contested. As a certified company we provide you with the high standard of security on which you can depend.

Operating efficiency: With this approach we as your partner commit ourselves to reducing downtime periods and securing the investment value of your media system and equipment.

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