Amptown System Company

For almost 30 years, Amptown System Company has been known in Germany and beyond as an independent full-service supplier of top-quality media system solutions. It now employs more than 160 people at its offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt to supply pioneering and creative solutions in the fields of audio, video, lighting, communication, and media equipment. A constant exchange with high-level technical partners means that ASC’s systems and technologies are always state-of-the-art, and it also means outstanding references for communicating with future clients.

"Technology from a single source" is ASC’s motto when it comes to custom permanent installation projects involving more "SEEING, HEARING, and EXPERIENCING". Our customer portfolio is diverse and encompasses private and public-sector clients, planners, designers, project organizers; operators of theaters, opera houses, concert and musical halls; movie theaters; private enterprises; exhibition, conference, and event centers; broadcasting corporations, broadcasting studios; sporting and large-scale events; public events; museums and exhibitions; media centers; shipping companies, shipyards; churches; schools, universities; hotels and catering venues.