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Anthem of the Seas

The Project
The cruise ship Anthem of the Seas belongs to the Quantum class of Royal Caribbean International (RCI) and was christened on 20 April 2015 in Southampton. The smart ship, which is constructed like her sister ship Quantum of the Seas, thrills guests on board with numerous innovations in its leisure and event programs.  There is for instance the observation capsule “North Star”, in which guests are suspended up to 90 meters above the sea for breathtaking 360° views. In the unique multiplex event venue “Two70”, passengers on Anthem of the Seas can enjoy a fascinating 270° panorama view by day and creative shows by night. The Royal Theatre offers spectacular Broadway shows and other entertainment. In the “SeaPlex”, families can enjoy multiple leisure activities, such as bumper cars, a roller rink, basketball, or learning various feats in the circus school. In the evening, the “Music Hall” has live music for dancing. In the three-story shopping mall, “Royal Esplanade”, Anthem of the Seas guests can purchase just about anything their hearts desire. Five main restaurants, the American Icon Grill, the Chic, the Silk, The Grande, Devinly Decadence at Solarium Bistro and the Coastal Kitchen offer a wide range of food and drink specialties inspired by cosmopolitan cuisine from all over the world. On board there are additional casual and dynamic dining places, open 24 hours a day, such as Windjammer Marketplace, The Café@Two70, the SeaPlex Dog House, Sorrento’s, Café Promenade and Johnny Rockets, as well as specialty restaurants like Wonderland, Jamie’s Italian, Michael’s Genuine Pub, Chops Grille and the classic Izumi Japanese Cuisine and Chef’s Table.

The Challenge
The Hamburg Amptown System Company was responsible for the integration and interconnectedness of the media and entertainment technology in the 40 event, gastronomy, and entertainment areas on board the Anthem of the Seas. Technical pros from the engineering division of shipping line RCI planned the specialized areas on board. Execution and technical detail planning was carried out by ASC’s engineering team in close cooperation with RCI. This includes the technical areas audio, lighting, video, projection, network, and media control. The impressive ship was built at the Meyer Werft shipbuilders in Papenburg, Germany. Passengers on board are astounded and amazed thanks to ingenious media technology. For example, the smart ship’s multiplex event venue Two70 located in the stern presents passengers with creative shows characterized by unusual visualization via 6 roboscreens.

The Solution
We’ve described much of the important areas in our Quantum of the Seas reference: the Two70, Royal Theatre, Music Hall, and sophisticated network technology. In order to give you a better idea of the spectacular visual elements of Two70, here are some technical details.

The transformative venue Two70 is a large, multi-story room located in the stern of Anthem of the Seas and offers a 270° panorama view of the sea. It turns into an on-board entertainment stage that combines performances by dancers, singers, aerialists, and musicians accompanied by cutting-edge technology. Before the show starts, the sun shields that serve as the projection surfaces are rolled down to cover the windows. With the help of this rolling screen system, known as “Vistarama”, 18 Panasonic projectors are able to create imaginative scene designs on a completely innovative background. The slope, curvature, and surface textures of the Vistarama system require the image content of the projections to be geometrically adapted to the circumstances. The result is a projection with a total resolution of 12,480 x 2,280 pixels and a projection size of 36 x 6 meters.

For this purpose, ASC used the Pandora’s Box media server and the Widget Designer show control systems from coolux media systems. Pandora’s Box provides the perfect tools for adjusting the image content in three dimensions in real time. Despite an extremely steep projection angle and the extremely short distance between the window façade and projectors, this so-called “warping” process makes it seem like a single projector is projecting on a flat cinema screen.

Six moving “Roboscreens” – LED walls over six meters high attached to industrial robots – either rotate individually or reflect unparalleled scenery in combination with “Vistarama”, as they do in “Starwater” for example, a show created especially for the Quantum class. The Canadian New Media and entertainment studio Moment Factory were responsible for content.

Questions? We’ll gladly assist.

  • Moment_Factory_Royal_Caribbean_Robots-3_01.jpg

    Event Venue Two70

    The Two70 is located in the ship’s stern – an impressive highlight of RCI’s Quantum class. Here passengers can enjoy creative shows with unusual visual effects.

  • Moment_Factory_Royal_Caribbean_Robots_01.jpg

    Event Venue Two70

    Be it real-time movies or decorative scenery; six robotic moving screens guarantee spectacular effects.

  • Moment_Factory_Royal_Caribbean_Starwater_01.jpg

    Event Venue Two70

    Images can be managed and distributed to fit the desired scenes and atmosphere, thanks to Pandora’s Box media server and show control software Widget Designer from coolux media systems.

  • Moment_Factory_Royal_Caribbean_Vistarama-3_02.jpg

    Event Venue Two70

    Vistarama is located on Two70’s window front, an innovation specially designed for the Quantum class.

  • Moment_Factory_Royal_Caribbean_Vistarama_01.jpg

    Event Venue Two70

    Vistarama turns the floor-to-ceiling windows into various scenarios, using 18 projectors to produce a 30-meter wide and over 6-meter high setting.

  • anthem-of-the-seas-two70_01.jpg

    Event Venue Two70

    “Spectra’s Cabaret” is a stage show specially created for Anthem of the Seas by Moment Factory. Technology, pop music, and dance combine in “Spectra’s Cabaret” within the multi-story Two70. Six robotically controlled 100-inch LED screens are part of the cast here.

  • Spectras-Cabaret-Logo_01.jpg

    Event Venue Two70

    In the Two70 lounge and the new show “Spectra’s Cabaret”, passengers can enjoy the unusual projection surface, the robotic monitors, and special stage technology of this unique lounge.

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© Royal Caribbean International

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