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Audi City Paris – One step ahead with media equipment

The object
In an exclusive area between Louvre and Place Vendôme Audi City Paris has set up a showroom of a different kind: the new cyberstore displays the complete passenger car model range of the brand in virtual mode entirely. This advanced showroom concept combines digital avant-garde with the strengths of stationary trade. The innovative media equipment enables fans and prospective buyers of the brand to put together their dream Audi from a pool of several hundred million features and contemplate the visualised realistic version on room-high mega-screens referred to as powerwalls. With this new virtual reality approach Audi is seeking to attract guests not only in Paris but in other international metropolises like Berlin, London, Istanbul and even Moscow as well, the premises always being in top inner city locations. The automobile manufacturer from Ingolstadt/Germany wants to offer a special brand experience without the stress some people may feel in a conventional purchasing or consultation situation. 

The job

Société Immobilière Audi S.A.R.L was the company awarding the contract for the installation of media equipment meeting the latest technological standard. macom Stuttgart A/V planning engineers were responsible for developing the audiovisual solutions. Amptown System Company won the tender for the procurement and installation of media equipment, for programming audio, light, and video control and for overall system commissioning. Apart from the suitability of the offer it was ASC's intercultural experience of executing international projects and the fact that the company knows how to ensure seamless system integration in an environment sensitive from an architectural point of view which tipped the scales in favour of ASC.

The solution

In the ground floor rooms of Audi City Paris innovative media equipment enables visitors to configure and customise a car to their wishes and to admire what they have created on any of the four powerwalls consisting of 3 x 3 seamless 55“ LCD screens made by eyevis. A  number of 32" multi-touch tables where visitors can enter their configuration data and initiate visualisation sit in front of the walls. The multi-touch tables communicate with visitors' cell phones so that photographing the QR code they can take their personal configuration home and retrieve it there any time. Audio effects ensured by an ASC system controlling ceiling-integrated JBL transducers supply the sound track for the configuration process and add to customers' emotional involvement. Yamaha DSP control not only allows for customer-generated images on the powerwall to be combined with sound, but also for using the room as a whole for speeches and parties. 

Operated by event technicians a YAMAHA digital audio mixer connected to a Dante™ interface is available to implement events of a specific kind. Apart from handling the audio programming part ASC installed an AXIS camera system to remotely monitor the technical systems with. Four 15“ car screens integrated in media furniture specially developed by ASC are used to display the technical data and sales information of the vehicles currently exhibited in the Audi City Paris showroom.

Four differently designed Customer Private Lounges, two of them on the ground floor and another two on the first floor, are available for in-depth discussions. These comfortable consultation suites are equipped with 75“ LCD screens displaying the Audi after it has been customised with an iPad. This is also where customers fine-tune the configuration of their vehicles, talk to a sales advisor, and where the sale is finalised. Depending on the room architecture, the giant high-resolution screens are either mounted on a genuine wood wall or embedded in a concrete wall. The sound is delivered via a Bose TV sound bar. Connection panels on the sales desk afford maximum flexibility of data and media communication involving HDMI if desired. The work station for the Audi configurator is accommodated in the sales advisor's desk and communicates with the iPad.

The Audi City Paris premises are immensely variable. Owing to the technical options provided they can be used as a location for diverse occasions and events such as product presentations, public viewings - as was the case for instance during the 2016 European Championships or the 24-hours race of Le Mans - galas, readings, or even fashion shows. For live operation event docks have been positioned at four points in the room for audio and video signals to be fed to the powerwalls. To make this possible ASC supplied two specially constructed mobile stage boxes. During event operation a Yamaha live mixer allows for feeding in data from external sources, as for instance the DJ setup, via the Dante™ interface. Control is ensured via the interactive display or the easily operated user interface of the iPad.  Furthermore wireless Shure lavelier and handheld microphones ensure clear voice transmission throughout the entire exhibition area via the ceiling-mounted speaker system. In live mode the audio system at the front of the powerwalls along with the ceiling-mounted speakers and the background sound system all work together to create a perfect sound experience.

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  • Audi-City-Paris_Slider-I_01.jpg

    Audi City Paris

    Visitors can configure their dream Audi on touch-sensitive 32“ multi-touch tables and admire it on the powerwalls. The ceiling speaker above the multi-touch table delivers the sound complementing visitors' inputs. Each powerwall is equipped with front speakers left and right  and connected to a subwoofer in the ceiling, quasi 2.1.

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    Audi City Paris

    An exclusive Intelligence Lounge offers visitors ease and comfort. Using an iPad they can look at the selected Audi model again on a 98" planar display.

  • Audi-City-Paris_Slider-III_01.jpg

    Audi City Paris

    The Customer Private Lounges are completely digitized and offer privacy for personal sales talk and for finalising the sale. The giant high-resolution screens are mounted on a genuine wood wall or embedded in a concrete wall, depending on the room architecture.

  • Audi-City-Paris_Slider-IV_02.jpg

    Audi City Paris

    The new Cyberstore between Louvre and Place Vendôme shows the entire model range of the Audi brand in virtual mode plus a couple of real presentation highlights to touch and feel. The innovative media equipment takes fans and customers into the fascinating world of Audi.


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