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The SeaPlex on the Ovation of the Seas

The permises
The Ovation of the Seas features numerous leisure areas where passengers may choose among a wide range of entertainment opportunities according to their taste or fancy. Any first-time visitor is particularly impressed, even overwhelmed, by the SeaPlex indoor active space which as a so-called "transformative venue" is usable for many purposes just like other leisure areas on the Ovation of the Seas such as the Two70 panoramic space. The SeaPlex not only provides a generously dimensioned driving area for colorfully painted bumper cars but can also be converted into a full-sized basketball court which may even be divided into two smaller playing fields on request. The lateral areas of the venue which is flooded by light from two sides during the day accommodate table tennis tables and provide space for other leisure activities involving a lot of movement and action - the SeaPlex is even suitable for soccer games! Passengers especially love the trapeze school where they can test their skills trying to follow the example of the artists and acrobats in the entertainment areas.

The task
By order of the Meyer Shipyard and in close cooperation with the Royal Caribbean International engineering partners, ASC installed in the SeaPlex all of the light equipment, the audio system, the large-size LED wall as well as the control equipment. The products used in the SeaPlex are those brands of internationally renowned manufacturers which have proved to be "shipworthy" and deliver a convincing performance even in 24/7 operation. They are a guarantee of modern entertainmen at the highest technological level - the standard of light, sound, and video is such that many a venue ashore could hardly compete!

The solution
Changing color at short intervals, the brightly cheerful LED lighting is essential for the effect the ambiance generates in visitors on a psychological level. The contribution it makes to the continuously relaxed and joyful atmosphere in the SeaPlex is significant indeed. The lighting includes 45 Elation Design Wash LED Zoom and 15 Elation Platinum Spot LED PRO II instruments. The LED wall integrated into one of the short SeaPlex lateral walls was manufactured by Elation Professional (60 x EPV6 SMD). The extremely elongated format is exceptional - the contents to be displayed are processed in the coolux media servers ensuring the control functions in the form of two screens, each of which has a format of approximately 16:9.

A DJ cabin with plexiglass walls equipped with among other features an HES Road Hog 4 light desk, a Yamaha 01V96 audio console, two Pioneer CDJ-2000 CD players and Genelec monitor speakers show that the SeaPlex is a location frequently used for partying, too. The sound reinforcement system involving Meyer Sound speakers ensures a sweeping party sound: Enhanced by six 600-HP subwoofers, eight Meyer Sound UPQ-1P wide-coverage speakers are distributed around the periphery to ensure a powerful sound. The wireless equipment provided in the SeaPlex is from the UHF-R series by Shure. The technical equipment including the LED lighting instruments is installed above the driving/playing area and is secured with ball-proof grilles against damage.

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    Due to its multifunctional character the SeaPlex offers guests the chance of experiencing or practising activities which not normally belong to their everyday lives such as autoscooting or basketball playing or even going to a circus school and learning how to do trapeze acts. In the evenings the SeaPlex changes into a disco with the DJ in his perfectly equipped cabin creating a sweeping atmosphere.

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    Eight Meyer Sound UPQ-1P wide-coverage speakers are distributed around the SeaPlex periphery. QSC ceiling speakers can be found almost everywhere onboard.

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    The LED wall with a format considerably longer than wide which is integrated in the lateral wall was made by Elation Professional (60 x EPV6 SMD). The coolux media servers process the wall as two screens with the approximate formats of 16:9.

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    Changing colors at short intervals the LED lighting plays a key role in making the atmosphere in the SeaPlex pleasant and stimulating. The lighting instruments used include 45 Elation Design Wash LED Zoom and 15 Elation Platinum Spot LED PRO II types.

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    The SeaPlex is an extraordinary attraction allowing families to enjoy a great variety of activities: in the trapeze school for instance guests can try for themselves what it is like when body control meets physical laws. The personal training sessions are accompanied by matching background music from the Meyer Sound PA system.

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