Das Wunder von Bern (The Miracle of Bern)

The Project:
Against the backdrop of the 1954 soccer World Cup, the musical “Das Wunder von Bern” (“The Miracle of Bern”), which is based on Sönke Wortmann’s hit movie of the same name, tells the story of a family in the post-World War II era. Germany unexpectedly won the World Cup, a veritable soccer miracle. At the same time, it deals with a touching father-son story, a family that reconciles, a team that transcends its own limits, a little boy, and a young nation with great hopes and dreams. Stage Entertainment built a new venue for this musical for approx. EUR 50 million. The new “Stage Theater an der Elbe” (Stage Theater on the Elbe) features unusual architecture with a modern, spectacular façade made of glass and stainless steel shingles.

The Challenge:
Prior to the premiere on 23 November 2014, the musical pros from Amptown System Company installed modern wireless technology in the new venue. According to the client’s wishes, the range of the wireless intercom system had to be extended to cover all areas of the new stage and accompanying rooms. In addition, a wireless microphone system was installed due to Stage Theater on the Elbe’s close proximity to the musical tent for Disney’s “The Lion King” located in “Stage Theater am Hafen”. Due to the resulting frequency density of the two musicals, the wireless systems of both venues had to be treated as one single venue and adapted accordingly. In total, there are over 100 wireless microphone and in-ear facilities, as well as 28 completely duplex intercom belt packs.

The Solution:
For the perfect communication solution that covers all areas of the venue, the musical makers from Stage Entertainment relied on ASC’s proven know-how and modern media technology: An RTS wireless intercom system ensures comprehensive communication on and off stage as well as all other areas used by performers and stage technicians. The intercom system consists of 4 RTS BTR-800 base station and a fiber optic distribution system from The Wireless Works. Communication takes place via 16 RTS TR-800 belt packs and 16 RTS PH-88 head sets. The Wireless Works WIBER fiber optic distribution system ensures an extension of the range. Via fiber optic cables, active UHF transceivers (remote units) provide 4 overlapping transmitter and receiver antenna locations whose lossless connection with the intercom base stations is guaranteed by WIBER.

The UHF distribution system transforms HF signals into light signals and can transmit these signals via fiber optic cables to up to 64  remote transceivers. There, the light signals are transformed back into HF signals and emitted by an integrated HF amplifier at the event location. WIBER makes it possible to transmit signals bi-directionally in a range of 150 MHz to 2700 MHz via fiber optic cables, thus ensuring all radio applications relevant to the event are covered.

In addition to the RTS intercom system, ASC installed a new wireless Sennheiser Microport microphone system with 42 channels that was complemented by existing equipment from Stage Entertainment. The challenge of installing multiple channels in a very dense frequency domain was met by using the filter technology of the Sennheiser wireless system 3000/5000 series. Thanks to the Sennheiser Wireless System Managers (WSM) software, musical technicians are able to monitor transmissions and eliminate interferences in a timely manner. The WSM provides support during set-up and frequency coordination. ASC calculated and implemented a new frequency set-up for both venues.

For “Das Wunder von Bern”, 32 new Sennheiser SK 52 12-II UHF compact pocket transmitters with broad frequency band were deployed. 16 Sennheiser EM 3732-II transceivers were put in use to receive the signals. They feature high transmission reliability, excellent audio quality, numerous connection options, and a spectrum of up to 184 MHz. Two active Sennheiser antenna splitters are responsible for signal distribution. Two Sennheiser AD 3700 broadband directional antennae with an integrated AB 3700 antenna amplifier ensure a high degree of true diversity.

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  • Szenenmotiv_Finale_Slide_01.jpg

    Stage Theater on the Elbe

    The new venue is located very close to the musical tent for Disney's musical "The Lion King", Stage Theater am Hafen, in the harbor. This frequency density made it imperative to recalculate, coordinate, and adapt the frequencies of both theaters accordingly.

  • RTS_Slide_01.jpg

    Stage Theater on the Elbe

    A wireless RTS BTR-800 full duplex intercom system is the centerpiece of the new intercom facilities in "Das Wunder von Bern".

  • The-Wireless-Works_Slide_01.jpg

    Stage Theater on the Elbe

    The fiber optics UHF distribution system WIBER from TheWirelessWorks with WIBER center (below) with remote unit (above).

  • Sennheiser_Slide.jpg

    Stage Theater on the Elbe

    Sennheiser SK 5 12-II UHF bodypack transmitter with small dimensions and a large frequency band -- perfect for use in theaters.

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