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The Project:
HSE24 is the first choice when it comes to modern, multimedia home shopping. The innovative mail-order company keeps women 40 and over up to date on the latest trends with its own station brands HSE24, HSE24 Extra, HSE24 Trend, as well as its online shop. HSE24 integrates the interactive platforms TV, online, and mobile while providing comprehensive applications for smart phones, smart TV, and tablets. The lifestyle brand HSE24 offers its clients an emotional shopping experience 24/7. The inspiring range annually comprises more than 20,000 products from fashion, jewelry, beauty, home & living – most of them exclusively available from HSE24. Numerous awards attest to HSE24’s outstanding service. The fiscal year 2013 saw net sales of EUR 551 million and a significant profit increase. HSE24 company headquarters employs roughly 725 people, while more than 2,200 employees work at call centers and logistic-service partners.

The Challenge:
HSE24’s live broadcasts are produced in three studios in Munich-Ismaning. Due to extensive renovation measures, the HSE24 “Studio Technology” division commissioned ASC to install a fiber-optics UHF connection for a temporary studio. ASC suggested WIBER from The Wireless Works, using a fiber-optics based UHF transmission system, since connecting the temporary studio’s microphone antennae to the central audio technology via normal coaxial cables was not feasible due to the great distance involved.

The Solution:
In HSE24’s ultra-modern temporary studio, The Wireless Works new fiber-optics transmission system takes over transporting the UHF signals of the existing Sennheiser Diversity wireless microphone system and in ear system. In addition to the temporary application, it can also be employed long-term for larger transmission routes and integrate other production environments via fiber optics. Thanks to WIBER, the UHF signal distribution of the existing Sennheiser system can also be used flexibly and for longer routes loss-free.
Here’s how it works: The UHF signals of the wireless microphones in the studio are turned into analogue light signals via The Wireless Works system and sent through fiber optics into the central equipment room (CER) of the broadcaster, converted back again, and transported to the microphone system’s UHF receivers. The system functions bi-directionally, so that directions coming from the CER are sent in-ear for the presenters in the temporary studio as well.

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  • HSE24_STUDIO_Mode_Sarah_Kern-2_2014-11-17.jpg


    The multichannel mail-order company’s temporary studio employs WIBER, the fiber-optics transmission system from The Wireless Works.

  • Wiber-from-The-Wireless-Works_2014-11-17_01.jpg


    WIBER from The Wireless Works enables various wireless components to be connected via fiber-optics technology.

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