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Klimahaus® 8° Ost in Bremerhaven

Comprehensive system technology

for Bremerhaven‘s Klimahaus® 8° East (2009)

The Project: A striking and innovative exhibition space, the Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8° East (Climate House) is part of the “Havenwelten” complex in the northern German port of Bremerhaven. Like the German Emigration Center nearby, it has been fully equipped with system technology by Amptown System Company. The building’s exterior is a transparent shell clad with 4,700 panes of curved glass enclosing 11,500 m² of exhibition space. Visually it evokes a huge cloud and its design fits perfectly into the architectural language of the surrounding Neuer Hafen (New Port) area and its hotel development. Once inside the Klimahaus, visitors are captivated by a wealth of interactive science displays about the climate, climate change, and climate zones that take them on an informative journey into the future, focusing on topics such as travel, the elements, climate forecasting, and our options. The 8 degrees East meridian of longitude acts as the recurring theme of every point in this journey which are all located at 8° 34' East (and 171° 26' West). The four exhibition areas (The Journey, The Elements, Perspectives, and Opportunities) bear witness to Planet Earth’s diversity and beauty while showing close-up the most important climate zones and providing insight into the various aspects of climate, climate change, and the weather.

The Challenge: The Hamburg-based Amptown System Company devised and installed comprehensive audio, lighting, video, media, and control equipment for the Klimahaus science and adventure center. The right technology is a basic requirement for enabling the unusual scenarios and exhibits in the Klimahaus to be brought to life, giving visitors access to authentic scientific knowledge. Moreover, ASC installed network and electronics infrastructure and supplied and installed the whole administrative, office communications, telephone, and monitoring system for the center’s operating company, the Klimahaus Betriebsgesellschaft mbH.

The Solution: In the Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8° East, the science-based tourist attraction specialists Petri & Tiemann GmbH and the Kunstraum GfK planning team from Hamburg have created a realistic simulation that uses stage technology and theatrical backdrops to give visitors a spectacular and unique experience. ASC established media systems centers at 21 locations throughout the building and housed heat-emitting components and power distribution in utility rooms well away from the visitor areas. A comprehensive range of loudspeakers, power amplifiers, audio and video players, monitors, projectors, and projection screens was installed in the building. Because the displays encompass such a wide variety of scenarios, the technical configuration had to be individually evaluated in advance and precisely positioned. A Medialon Manager acts as a central control unit, linking numerous interfaces and mechanisms all over the extensive building and perfectly coordinating both the individual sequences of audio, video, and light impulses and their interplay in multimedia presentations. The Medialon Manager calls up rain, storms, darkness, and lightning, either following preset schedules or according to programmed sequences. It also plays a pivotal role in maintaining the multitude of technical equipment, providing central monitoring of such aspects as service life and malfunctions.

The foyer prepares visitors for the “journey” part of the exhibition that follows. Inside a funnel-shaped cone about 20m high, picture sequences from the world’s climate zones are projected onto the curved and sloping wall by six projectors. A public address system provides accompanying information and sound effects to get visitors in the mood. Sophisticated projection is used frequently throughout the entire exhibition, with deflection by mirrors enabling scenic images to be generated from within exhibits. Sound and image pillars accompany the many exhibits, with technology developed by ASC providing visitors with the option of choosing a German or English version of the original film soundtracks broadcast over the loudspeakers. A redundant fiber optic network with a high switching speed feeds the audio, video, and imaging systems, while audio and video data is transported either in analogue form along copper cable or digitally via DMX.

Excerpt from the materials list:

Media systems


  • 130 x information pillars with ROKU HD-200 HD video/audio players, 24" screens
  • 600 x JBL loudspeakers of varying sizes
  • 106 x displays 24",32",50" und 65" by NEC, Panasonic
  • 53 x Christie 1-chip DLP projectors
  • 6 x Sony VPL FW-300 projectors
  • 35 x AV Stumpl multi-channel audio players



  • 1500 x lamps for exhibition lighting
  • 850 m bus bar
  • Studio/exhibit lighting by ETC and Balcar
  • ControLite dimmers by Amptown Manufaktur



  • Medialon show control
  • AV presentation software by AVC Team Biber (for multiple projection)

Building technology Network infrastructure and IP telephone system

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  • case-study_slider_klimahaus_08.jpg

    Klimahaus® 8° Ost in Bremerhaven

    Comprehensive system technology

    The Sahel zone: Drought, wide open space, barrenness, heat, sand, and wind characterize life in Kanak in West African Niger, symbolized here by the construction of a stone desert inside the Klimahaus.

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    Klimahaus® 8° Ost in Bremerhaven

    Comprehensive system technology

    Cameroon is just one stop on the journey around the globe along the 8° East 34’ meridian of longitude and depicts the rainforest with its biodiversity and hot, humid climate. Passing through the riverscape of the Korup National Park, visitors cross a hanging bridge.

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    Klimahaus® 8° Ost in Bremerhaven

    Comprehensive system technology

    The Yupik live in Gambell, on an island located between Alaska and Siberia; for generations they have lived from seal hunting and whaling. Visitors to the Klimahaus can experience their world as it transitions from the traditional to the modern age, due in part to climate change.

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