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Lufthansa TravelKiosk – to dream destinations with media equipment

The object
The Lufthansa TravelKiosk is a creative out-of-home advertising idea of Kolle Rebbe, Lufthansa's lead agency. The TravelKiosk is a digital one using live streaming to take passers-by into the big, wide world. In January 2017 the kiosk was put up for the first time in the new Kö-Bogen shopping mall in Düsseldorf/Germany which is close to the famous Königsallee. In March this unconventional travel kiosk was presented at the ITB tourism trade fair in Berlin. People strolling along will stop at the kiosk to communicate with salespersons from New York, Miami, Hongkong and Tokio via a digital kiosk window. The built-in snack machine dispenses some candy or a souvenir typical of the country as a gimmick. The TravelKiosk is a promotional means supposed to draw attention to Lufthansa's long haul destinations and to stimulate people's desire to travel.

The job
In mid-November Kolle Rebbe placed an order with ASC for a specially constructed interactive kiosk to be provided and to be fitted with media equipment. The order further included the provision of a suitable A/V and conference equipment which would enable direct communication with people walking by and thus contribute to advertising Lufthansa intercontinental flights. It was ASC's responsibility to work out the type and extent of the media equipment to be used and where in the Kiosk the technical components would have to go. ASC was also responsible for purchasing and installing the technical devices and to service them on-site as well as for developing the program that controls the operation of the snack machine.

The solution
For the implementation of the project ASC closely cooperated with the Kolle Rebbe agency, the provider of the creative idea, and Syntechnics from Oldenburg. This company was responsible for the visualisation part and for the construction of the housing while taking the ASC media concept into appropriate account which meant that a 98" display, a snack machine, and a 12 HE rack would have to be accommodated. Owing to the EYE LCD display from eyevis, the kiosk window looks very genuine when active, while in idle state it works as a billboard displaying Lufthansa motifs from advertising campaigns. The Ultra-HD LCD screen delivers pin-sharp images with highly resolved contents even in long-term operation. With the Real Presence Group 500 videoconference system from Polycom, live images from national kiosk salespersons are transmitted directly to the video wall.

Above the display to the right and left of the video camera, Martin audio outdoor speakers concealed behind two pin diaphragms transmit the speaker's voice. Using a directional Shure brand microphone the kiosk salesperson engages the passer-by in a typical travel agent's conversation which very often ends up in a booking. Video camera and automated snack dispenser are controlled by a media control system custom configured by ASC.

The snack is ejected via a dispenser chute developed by ASC which is located below the screen. ASC installed a commercial Sielaff automated spiral dispenser behind it. The machine will dispense the snack or a country speciality as for instance Japanese Ramune Wasabi or lip balm with bacon aroma. The selection is made on an iPad with an app also developed by ASC. The Lufthansa kiosk was designed and equipped so cleverly that it is quickly accepted as the real thing wherever it is put up and becomes a crowd puller and a frequently used background for selfies.

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  • Lufthansa-Reisekiosk_Slider-I.jpg

    Lufthansa TravelKiosk

    The Lufthansa TravelKiosk is a digital one taking people passing by into the big, wide world via live streaming. They communicate with real kiosk salespersons from Miami, New York, Hongkong, and Tokio.

  • Lufthansa-Reisekiosk_Slider-II_01.jpg

    Lufthansa TravelKiosk

    A Polycom video conference system enables kiosk salespersons and customers to talk to each other as if they were in the same place. A source of considerable amazement and amusement for passers-by.

  • Lufthansa-Reisekiosk_Slider-III.jpg

    Lufthansa TravelKiosk

    With a pin sharp resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and a frame rate of 60Hz, the eyevis LCD screen provides perfect image quality with highly resolved contents.

  • Lufthansa-Reisekiosk_Slider-IV_01.jpg

    Lufthansa TravelKiosk

    Above the kiosk there are two Martin audio outdoor loudspeakers concealed by pin diaphragms which carry the voice of the speaker. A Polycom video camera is installed between them.

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