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Upgrade of the dimmer and projection systems in the MCS Magdeburg studio

The Project:
The Media & Communication Systems (MCS) GmbH Sachsen-Anhalt is an independent service company within the DREFA media group; as a professional full-service partner for radio and television, it constantly strives to provide cutting-edge digital recording and broadcasting technology. Its premises include a 200 m² TV studio, an approximately 300 m² playing area in the foyer, a TV production and broadcast control room, as well as 7 AVID editing suites. In addition to news, daily, and magazine shows such as “MDR at 11” and “MDR Sachsen-Anhalt today”, MCS also produces quiz shows and small-scale entertainment programs.

The Challenge:
In its capacity as specialist for media technology, ASC acts as a consultant to the technical service provider (MDR numbering among its clients) on matters of stage, lighting, and sound, as well as installing system solutions for new projects / upgrades in the areas of sound, lighting, video, and control technology. As part of its studio modernization, MCS commissioned ASC with two tasks:

An upgrade of the dimmer system for the Magdeburg studio; the existing system was a simple model without the possibility for feedback to the light mixing console.
In addition, the projection equipment had to be brought up to date and allow for flexible configurations so that various studio sets can be implemented.

The Solution:
ASC developed a concept consisting of new dimmer racks with optimized functionality and protection in the event of a power outage. The new ETC dimmer system has been installed in an off-site area and features a network-controlled connection to the main light mixing console. The ETC dimmers are extremely insensitive to heat thanks to their sophisticated cooling.

Projection equipment:
ASC installed a mobile and curved 5 x 6 video projection screen consisting of OmniShapes that can be split into two 5 x 3 modules, making it easy to adapt to new studio designs. Depending on the program, the new video wall displays photos, graphics, letters, videos, or panoramas. This solution is less expensive than the conventional use of beamers. The system is generally split into two screens and has a more realistic effect than that of virtual studios. OmniShapes’ increased light output enables the lighting technicians to illuminate the moderators and protagonists in an ideal manner without affecting the background animation.

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  • DSC_0244_2014-11-17_01.jpg

    MCS Sachsen-Anhalt

    MCS magazine “MDR at 11” in the TV studio, with 5 x 6 projection screen consisting of OmniShape modules from the manufacturer eyevis.

  • DSC_0796_2014-11-17.jpg

    MCS Sachsen-Anhalt

    For the show “MDR Sachsen-Anhalt today”, the new studio design features two 3 x 4 video walls.

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