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Mercedes Benz Bremen, Technology Exhibition “Future Now”

The Project
The Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen is one of the four largest Mercedes-Benz customer centers in Germany that offers exclusive consulting, vehicle delivery, as well as gastronomy, and leisure activities to round out the experience connected with the famous Mercedes-Benz star. Since the spring of 2014, it also features an interactive permanent exhibition called “Future Now” that is comprised of three topics: production, time travel, and the future. “Production” looks at processes and operations within the manufacture. “Time Travel” includes the history of the automobile as well as its contemporary context during the 20th century. “Future” presents research and visions concerning the automobile and mobility in general.

The team from spek Design Stuttgart planned and executed the exhibition with its creative design and use of unusual materials and was awarded the German Interior Design prize in 2014. They were supported by the southern German technical planners lightandmagic who created the lighting design and planning and initiated a corresponding tender for bids. Thanks to their expertise and extensive project portfolio, ASC was awarded the contract, not least because of their unique ability to supply special products and designs.

The Challenge
The exhibition presents a fascinating view of Mercedes-Benz’ pioneering technological research as well as the future of mobility. The lighting concept called for energy-efficient LED lights. ASC installed the exhibition lighting and replaced part of the general in-house lighting.

The Solution
In the technology exhibition area there are variable relief walls with hexagonal light panels totaling 23 meters in length. From the visible side, the walls are presented in color – ASC installed 23 LED sticks with RGBAW color mixing; the sticks are controlled via DMX protocol. The color of the basic ambient lighting is blue and refracted through the hexagons. Customers can program other colors as they wish.

The main attraction of this area is the research vehicle F 125. It presents a future vision of emission-free mobility of up to 1,000 kilometers. The Mercedes-Benz prototype rests on a white platform that appears to hover over the ground thanks to the LED light sticks. The new lighting concept above the car consists of 16 white LED Fresnel spots with four-leaf barn doors and a color temperature of 5,600 K.

The customer center’s spatial concept is conceived in such a way as to be very flexible; freedom of movement and multifunctional possibilities are the priority. In keeping with this concept, 5 CinePARLED moving lights were installed. Each of these moving lights has 4 LED spots with 150 W and can be controlled via DMX 512. They also feature a sophisticated liquid cooling system.

Since the moving lights were installed in the existing ceiling construction, ASC customized mounting in the color of the ceiling. The CinePARLED is a special product from Amptown Manufaktur. Due to their beam angles of 17°, 28°, or 40°, they are perfect for architectural and exhibition lighting.

The lights have a color temperature of 5,600 K and can be positioned by the customer center staff as needed. In order to fulfill smooth, jerk-free movement and exact positioning, these moving lights feature powerful servo motors that provide 500° pan and 90° tilt.

They also feature flicker-free operation and continuous dimming from 100% to 0%. They are specially painted in the Mercedes-Benz corporate color Arrow Silver and have top hats that minimize the LED spot glare.

Control of the moving lights and LED RGBAW sticks takes place via an e:Cue system that is connected to the customer center EIB/KNX bus system that communicates via network with internal PCs where the e:Cue software is installed. With the WLAN access point, customers themselves can use iPad as a remote control and program and save whatever lighting atmosphere they wish.

In the “Time Travel” section of the exhibition that shows Mercedes-Benz old timers together with modern-day automobiles, the existing lighting was replaced with LED spots. The new lighting concept consists of 11 LED Fresnel spotlights painted silver grey with a beam angle/zoom of 13° - 65° and a color temperature of 5,600 K.

The pictures in the gallery are also illuminated with 7 specially painted LED Fresnel spots and a color temperature of 4,200 K.

The customer lounge is illuminated with 12 Erco Light Board LED spotlights with a color temperature of 4,000 K that are connected to the internal bus bar. 18 white LTS Scout LED spots with 4,000 K color temperature light up the automobile depicted in the graphics itself.

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  • MB_slide1_2014-11-27_01.jpg

    Mercedes Benz Technology Exhibition

    Exclusive consulting, vehicle delivery, gastronomy, and leisure area for Mercedes-Benz fans in Bremen’s customer center. The permanent exhibition “Future Now” imparts knowledge and provides fascinating insights into production, time travel, and future.

  • MB_slide2_2014-11-27.jpg

    Mercedes Benz Technology Exhibition

    Research vehicle F 125 on the presentation platform with LED light sticks and additional lighting from LED Fresnel spots with four-leaf barn doors.

  • MB_slide3_2014-11-27_01.jpg

    Mercedes Benz Technology Exhibition

    Movement through variable relief walls: By rearranging the hexagons, new perspectives take place.

  • MB_slide4_2014-11-27_01.jpg

    Mercedes Benz Technology Exhibition

    5 Amptown CinePARLED moving lights with 4 LED spots each were installed in the existing ceiling construction. These are controlled via DMX.

  • MB_slide5_2014-11-27_01.jpg

    Mercedes Benz Technology Exhibition

    Made by Amptown Manufaktur: CinePARLED moving light spots with special yoke in the ceiling construction.

  • MB_slide6_2014-11-27_02.jpg

    Mercedes Benz Technology Exhibition

    Exhibition topic history: The CinePARLED moving light is reflected in the new Mercedes C Coupé. Thanks to the lights’ flexibility, it is possible to create new lighting accents all the time, whether the auto line-up changes or the area is used for events.

  • MB_slide7_2014-11-27_02.jpg

    Mercedes Benz Technology Exhibition

    Mercedes-Benz customer lounge with ambient and accent lighting for the wall graphics.

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