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New media equipment for Metzler Bank

The Premises
Metzler Bank is the second oldest bank in Germany. Its origins date back to a trading company founded by Benjamin Metzler in 1674. Since then the company has been in the exclusive ownership of the founding family. Its development into a pure banking business was completed around 1760. Friedrich von Metzler has been the personally liable partner at the private bank B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft in Frankfurt since 1971, and represents the 12th generation of the family to be at its helm. This banking house focusses on capital market services for institutional and private clients in its core business fields of Asset Management, Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, and Private Banking. As well as managing assets for wealthy private clients and institutional customers, Metzler is active in the public funds business. Metzler vacated its headquarters at 18 Große Gallusstraße in Frankfurt’s banking quarter in 2014 and moved with its staff of around 300 to its own building on the River Main. The private bank now occupies around 6000 square meters over five levels in its building at 1 Untermainanlage.

The Brief
When it made the move, the bank wanted to create a contemporary working environment and equip its conference and seminar rooms with modern, sustainable, flexible media technology. Stuttgart engineering company macom came up with the concept and foundational planning. After the bank’s official tender process, ASC Frankfurt was awarded the job of equipping nine conference rooms with media equipment. There is one main conference room which can be divided into two smaller meeting units. Then there are two additional permanently installed seminar rooms with the latest, complete media technology on the plan. Five rooms are to be given modern infrastructure and electronic connections. For those rooms, flexible MediaCarts were requested so that they can be used if and when required. The trading area on the first floor was to be given new media equipment components as part of the upgrade. Metzler Bank wants the professional equipment at its new offices to express its innovative strength, which is why it has to be possible to upgrade it flexibly over time. That is why the technical components have to be integrated as harmoniously as possible into the existing architecture.

The Solution
ASC integrated modern AV equipment, developed and assembled customized media walls and MediaCarts, and set up part of the cable-based infrastructure for Metzler Bank.

Main conference room – flexibility first

In the big divisible conference room on the second-floor bel étage, ASC set up a ‘Modern’ media wall with an integrated 90” Sharp LCD monitor and separate TV tuner, together with AT-061 Fohhn speakers behind a fabric screen. The latter ensure professional public address quality and audible voice reproduction. Beneath the monitor is a Polycom video conferencing system so that staff can converse whenever they like with their colleagues and business partners at other locations. This elegant organizational solution serves as a n event stage in the room; equipment there is installed in such a way that all the cables and connections are hidden discreetly and tidily behind cladding. In keeping with the tradition of the Bank, the rooms are decked out with a tasteful blend of antiques and modern office and conference furniture.

Signal management is done by a wireless ULXD radio system supplied by Shure and consisting of ULXD4D UHF dual receivers, a ULXD2+ Beta 87C hand-held microphone, and ULXD1 pocket transmitters. A Crestron media controller translates the different media scenarios in the room. Users can operate an 8” Crestron radio touchpanel to select tasks such as ‘Presentation’ and to control sound, lighting and space. Common spatial scenarios have been preprogrammed by ASC and can be selected on the touchpanel. The media wall also has an integrated Crestron C2NI-CB keypad.

At the heart of the system is a 7 x 4 DMPS-300-C HDBaseT presentation router from Crestron, which is integrated into the ‘Modern’ media wall as a central signal management and control system. It corresponds with HDBaseT transmitters in an underfloor compartment.

In the main conference room, ASC incorporated a wireless Crestron Air Media 100 Gateway for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) operation into the existing network, so that conference participants can connect themselves up to any display in the room, regardless of whether they are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. There are other compartments incorporated beneath the floor as additional infeed points. The room possesses a flexible partition wall. For big conferences, the table can be extended and the number of chairs increased.

There are two additional, differently designed seminar rooms on the second floor, each containing a ‘Classic’ media wall incorporating a concealable 70” LCD monitor with a separate TV tuner as well as Sonus speakers and amplifier. When not in use, the screens are hidden behind a sliding panel system made by Future Automation. Again, ASC opted for a wireless HT presentation concept with a Crestron Air Media 100 Gateway, and facilitated multimedia presentations using a Crestron HDBaseT System.

Into the media wall are integrated a 7 x 4 presentation router and HDBaseT transmitters. The media scenarios in the conference rooms can be controlled using a Crestron wall-mounted keypad or, once again, a wireless and mobile 8” radio touchpanel.

ASC also implemented three MediaCarts for five additional conference rooms in which the infrastructure had already been provided by the owner. A Samsung 65” LCD monitor with separate TV tuner was installed into each of these mobile system solutions. The C550 Soundbar was supplied by DeToma. A 4 x 1 Crestron HDBaseT presentation router manages input and output signals.

Another aspect of the modernization work was installing two 70” displays for the partition which separates off the trading area on the first floor. That is where Metzler Bank’s securities business takes place, and the approximately 40 staff who work there can now keep an eye on the latest stock market and business news on the screens.

In completion of ASC’s commission, it instructed staff after installation work was finished, and will be providing technical support to the Bank’s own technicians as well as an ongoing service and maintenance contract. 

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  • bankhaus-metzler-slide-01.jpg

    Metzler Bank

    Germany’s oldest private bank in continuous family ownership has been in the same family for 12 generations and is based in Frankfurt am Main.

  • bankhaus-metzler-slide-10_01.jpg

    Metzler Bank

    The picture shows a “Classic“ media wall with a 70“ Sharp LCD monitor and a separate tuner. Sonus speakers and amplifiers are integrated and concealed. When not in use the screen is hidden behind a sliding panel system made by Future Automation.

  • bankhaus-metzler-slide-04_01.jpg

    Metzler Bank

    Using the mobile Crestron radio touchpanel, conference moderators can select media scenarios (such as at the beginning of a presentation) and control sources, as well as lighting, sound and space.

  • bankhaus-metzler-slide-09_01.jpg

    Metzler Bank

    The “Classic“ media wall is tuned in color to the room design and allows for technical equipment to be neatly and elegantly accommodated. There is also room for media control units and presentation material. 

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    Metzler Bank

    The entrance area on the bel étage at Metzler Bank. In keeping with company tradition, rooms are decorated with a tasteful blend of antiques and modern office furniture.

  • bankhaus-metzler-slide-08_01.jpg

    Metzler Bank

    The big divisible conference room in the bel étage is fitted with a “Modern“ media wall incorporating a 90“ monitor, a separate TV tuner and integrated speakers behind a fabric screen.

  • bankhaus-metzler-slide-07_01.jpg

    Metzler Bank

    A video conferencing system was installed beneath the 90“ monitor of the main conference room enabling the staff to conveniently converse with colleagues and business partners at other locations whenever they like.

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