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The North Star

The entity
One of the visual highlights on the cruise liners belonging to Royal Caribbean International’s new Quantum Class is clearly the North Star, a viewing gondola in the shape of a jewel. This technical masterpiece gives guests the opportunity to admire the ocean from a height of more than 90 meters during a 15 minute ride. The glass capsule on Quantum of the Seas offers a unique 360° panoramic view and, alongside the Two70 multiplex entertainment center (see references for Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas), is surely one of the most unusual leisure facilities at sea today.

The order
Smart media technology with the power to amaze – Amptown System Company was responsible for ensuring the latter in compliance with the plans of ship designers at Royal Caribbean International and shipbuilders at Meyer Werft in Papenburg. The commission was to design and install an outside lighting concept for the North Star which would make it easily visible from the ship itself and from afar. According to those responsible at Royal Caribbean, the inspiration behind the design of the North Star were the glass cabins on the London Eye Ferris wheel.

The solution
Working closely with Meyer Werft, air cabin manufacturer Gangloff and crane builder MacGregor, a lightweight lighting concept was created that could withstand outdoor use in an exposed position. The specially manufactured LED spot strobes are able to resist wind, sun and salty sea air. They were based on examples from aviation and sea travel, using products such as a Seematz searchlight as a sky beamer and aircraft navigation lights as strobes. Gangloff developed special decorative elements into which the lights had to be integrated. The brief was not to install anything else on the load-bearing parts that would disrupt its appearance. The general objective was to create a maintenance-free, automated lighting system since the various lamps would be difficult to reach once installed.

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  • North-Star_slide_01.jpg

    Media technology reaches new heights

    The perfect 15 minute onboard activity for a sunrise and sunset flight.

  • North-Star-I_slide_01.jpg

    Media technology reaches new heights

    The illuminated North Star at night at its resting position above the North Star Bar.

  • North-Star-II_slide_01.jpg

    Media technology reaches new heights

    Installed on the upper deck at the bow of the ship, the North Star begins its 15 minute ride into the open.

  • North-Star-III_slide_01.jpg

    Media technology reaches new heights

    Guests can enjoy a breathtaking 360° panoramic view from the North Star.

  • NorthStar4-slide_01.jpg

    Media technology reaches new heights

    Guests on Quantum Class ships can enjoy a spectacular trip up to 90 m above the surface of the sea in the North Star.

  • NorthStar-Exterior-5K-slide_01.jpg

    Media technology reaches new heights

    The inspiration behind the North Star were the glass cabins on the London Eye Ferris wheel.

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